Hello HEATWAVE 2021 Campers!

We are so excited to get back on the fields playing, training, and grinding more than ever before! 2020 was a trying time and we look forward to getting our girls back in action while remaining safe throughout. 

As you know, our girls’ health and safety is number one. We will continue to uphold updated CDC safety protocols and we will have two split camps (by age) as this year I have rented multiple fields (more space) for summer camp instead of our usual single field summer camp.

Also, I am very appreciative for the Environmental Health and Safety Expert who has helped with our 2021 summer camp game plan. Along with an excellent camp itinerary, we are blessed to have been donated over 10 gallons of hand sanitizer, guidelines for summer camp outdoor events, along with multiple hand sanitizing stations and easy access to bathrooms for hand washing.

We am extremely proud of our layout for HEATWAVE. We feel it will show our campers that with enough creativity, hard work, and a clear vision… anything can be accomplished after battling a tough time.

With that, please read our guidelines below which have been updated on 6.22.21 to remain current with all CDC/NJ guidelines.

1. On arrival, your camper will be greeted by a C.U. trainer who will take their temperature with a contactless thermometer. If your athlete has a temperature over of 100.4 or higher, we will have to ask them to go home.

2. As of mid-June 2021, NJ does not require masks for outdoor summer camps. We welcome masks for families who would rather their child wear one. Click here for the full article of current outdoor summer camp guidelines! All CU staff are fully vaccinated.

3. Your athlete will then be led by a CU coach to the field that their summer camp experience will take place on. The field that they will be guided to will be their main camp field for the week.

4. Each athlete must bring a chair such as a beach chair to set up their “sitting station” aka "sip and sanitize station". If they have a beach chair with an umbrella or shaded top, that will be a bonus as it will be hot summer softball weeks! This will ensure shade for your athlete during our sip, sanitize, snack, and lunch breaks.

5. Your athlete’s camp coach will direct them where to set up their “sitting station” which will ensure some distance.

6. Once your athlete has been situated at their sitting station, camp will kick into gear at 9AM.

7. Your athlete will have a camp leader (CU Coach) who will remain the same throughout the week of camp. There will be a coach to athlete ratio of approximately 7:1 per group.

8. Once camp starts, we will hold our signature morning motivation talk.

9. Our athletes will then do their in place morning warm-ups and affirmation kickoffs. 


With all hands on deck, I feel this will be one of the best camp experiences that we have ever had simply because it is teaching our girls the power of adaptability and resiliency… our girls who will be future female leaders in our society.

Our 10 Year Anniversary Camp Will Be Our Best To Date!



Coach Lisa