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“I like that SHE SPEEDS is not just a speed and agility conditioning program. To combine physical training with mental toughness led by female coaches is everything we could ask for! Very empowering.


—  The Rinis Familiy

She Speeds® is our premier female athlete conditioning program targeting physical and mental peak performance.


Our Private Speed and Agility Sessions Target:

Endurance Training, effective energy use, increased muscle mass, movement skill, injury reduction, balance, posture, quickness, agility, mental awareness, the mind-body connection, coordination, and MUCH MORE!  


Our sessions are a progressive 45 minute training session targeting athletic movements to enhance overall performance.  This conditioning, speed, agility, strength, and mental toughness training will have your athlete CHALLENGE THEIR LIMITS.

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Single Speed and Agility Session:

          $60.00 Cash/Check/Debit

          $63.00 Credit

4 Pack Of Lessons:

          $232.00 Cash/Check/Debit

          $244.00 Credit

8 Pack Of Lessons:

          $448.00 Cash/Check/Debit

          $472.00 Credit

12 Pack Of Lessons:

          $648.00 Cash/Check/Debit

          $679.00 Credit

20 Pack Of Lessons:

          $1029.00 Cash/Check/Debit

          $1079.00 Credit

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