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C.U. presents our 10th Annual Summer Softball Camp: 
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Voted the #1 Summer Softball Experience on the East Coast 

Welcome to the Challenge U. Softball® 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of HEATWAVE, a camp experience like no other, taking softball athletes to the next level since 2011. Our HEATWAVE summer softball camps are all-skills training experiences with top-notch Challenge U. coaches. If you have attended our previous summer camps, you understand why they are called EXPERIENCES vs. summer camps... our sessions are MORE than summer camps due to our level of mental training, physical training, and self-confidence training drilled into each athlete that we work with.

Our CU summer camp sessions are the building blocks to a winning mindset.  Each clinic is designed with a specific purpose and goal for our athletes to reach daily.  Our ultimate goal at HEATWAVE is for our athletes to build confidence, learn the game, develop clean softball mechanics, and bring their overall physical and mental game to the next level. We pride ourselves on giving 110% which is why we are also known to have the best coach to athlete ratio in the game. We are an anti-long-line, anti-factory, and anti-go-through-the-motions program.

All of these factors, combined with being the founding home of The National C.U.D.I.T.® Concentric Hitting Coach Certification Program, has led us to sell out of HEATWAVE since 2019. We advise early registration to secure your spot!

Ages: All athletes between the age of 7-17 are welcome. Our athletes will be grouped according to age, allowing for a comfortable and positive experience for our girls.  

Protocols: Upon registration, you will receive a link with all of our summer camp guidelines and protocols. If you have attended our 2020 summer camp, you will notice that our 2021 protocols are extremely similar to ensure the safety of our girls and the CU staff.  


  • Check-in/Registration

  • C.U. Morning - Wake Up to Win - Interactive Motivational Talk

  • C.U. Conditioning Warm-ups

  • Fundamental Station Circuits: C.U.D.I.T.® Concentric Hitting

  • Creating Your Routine At The Plate

  • Connecting the Fundamentals for a C.U. Challenge

  • Defensive Fundamental Circuit Training 

  • Base-running Breakdowns and One UPs Drill Training

  • Signature C.U. Softball School with Team Building Exercises

  • Speed and Agility Training for an Aggressive Mindset

  • Scrimmages Connecting Training to Live Play

  • Instilling The C.U.D.I.T. VBS System®: Visualization, Body-Language, Self-Talk and SO MUCH MORE

A summer softball experience like no other! 

Refund Policy: There are no make up camp days and or credit/refunds for missed camp days. If a parent cancels at least 10 days prior to camp, they will receive a full refund.  If a parent cancels within 10 days of camp, they forfeit the entire camp fee.

In true Challenge U. fashion:

Confidence, mental toughness, and self-certainty will be the MAIN focus throughout! 

These concepts will stay with the athlete for the rest of her life in whatever she chooses to do or be...