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An All-Skills One Day Training Camp For Athletes of ALL AGES 
Friday, November 24th 10:00am-1:00pm   

Nov Black friday 2023 Softball Camp.jpg
Experience one of our most popular Challenge U. Softball camps that will bring your athlete to the NEXT LEVEL within hours: The Black Friday Softball Boot Camp.  Our Black Friday Softball Camp is designed to guide all athletes to peak performance with physical and mental gains along the way.  We are not holding back at this clinic, so be READY TO WORK OFF THAT STUFFING!

This training camp is a non-stop THREE HOUR training progression of at least twelve-fourteen drill stations.  These stations will improve your athlete's hitting, fielding, throwing, base-running, quickness, mindset, muscle memory, and overall ability.  Athletes will be grouped and trained according to age and ability.  By signing up for our Black Friday Camp, your athlete is committing to bringing an open mind, having a strong work-ethic, good attitude, and is dedicated to push past their MAX.

Some aspects of training that will be addressed are:

    • Hitting Fundamentals

    • Triple C Method: Contact, Consistency, Confidence

    • Throwing Mechanics for Accuracy & Power

    • Defense Fundamental Training

    • Field, Footwork, Fire Skill Work

    • Base-running and Quickness

    • Instilling The C.U.D.I.T. VBS System®: Visualization, Body-Language, Self-Talk and MORE

Only athletes are permitted indoors during CU clinics to create an environment of accountability and maturity. Parents are welcome to watch from the over head garage area or pickup at the end of the clinic. This also helps keeping our athletes and staff safe during training.

Refund Policy: If a parent cancels at least 10 days prior to camp, they will receive a full refund.  If a parent cancels within 10 days of camp, they forfeit the entire camp fee. There are no credits or makeup dates for missed clinic days.

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