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Challenge U. Softball®, the founding home of the National C.U.D.I.T.® Coaching Certification, holds elite 60 or 90 minute softball team training camps designed for all ages that will take each player to the NEXT LEVEL as a WHOLE!  All Certified C.U.D.I.T.® Coaches are former elite athletes who dominated on the field and now dominate at Challenge U. Softball®.  


Our team training programs consist of a series of drill progressions targeting batting, fielding, throwing, catching, team work, self-certainty, goal setting, mental toughness, and MUCH MORE!  Our level of personalization at Challenge U. brings each program to the next level.  Our ultimate goal is to bring each team that we work with to peak performance.


Challenge U. Softball® conducts four, six, eight, or ten week training programs for athletes of all ages.  Registration is simple.  Coaches, fill out the inquiry form below and include your program goals.  Our program booking manager will contact you within 48 hours to lock in your weekly program. You will then receive personal web registration links for each athlete and submit payment to CU.  We handle the REST!

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