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Calling all coaches and parents who would like to coach a softball team this season! It is time for the Annual Challenge U. Softball Coaching Seminar! Lock in your spot today for our 90 minute interactive coaching presentation led by C.U. Head Coach and Facility Manager, Coach Liz DeVenio.

Too often, coaches are expected to know how to coach and what to coach yet are not provided with the tools & resources to become an effective coach. This is why we have developed our CU Coaching Seminars; to help you feel prepared, be productive, and positively impact your players on and off the field.

2023 Annual Coaches Seminar Includes:

Interactive Coaches Warm-Up

What Makes A Great Coach

The 5 P's To Lead

Offense & Defense Fundamentals

Common Language/Terms For Offense & Defense

HLT Throwing Warm-Up Progression

Adjust To Your Athletes' Age/Ability

Practice Demo and Breakdown

Socio/Emotional Goals & Team Unity

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