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Certified CUDIT® Concentric Hitting Coach, C.U. Certified Defense Coach, HLT (High Level Throwing) Certified Coach, C.U. Clinic Director,


Coach Michelle‘s love of sports and coaching started at an early age. As a young multi-sport athlete, she participated in sports such as soccer, softball, basketball and even hockey on an all boys team. Even with so many sports, softball was always her number one. She was a stand out fast pitch hitter, infielder, dominating at 2nd base. Today, the NJ CHALLENGE 14U Club Team head coach, a standout Certified C.U.D.I.T. Concentric Hitting Coach, and premier Camp Director at Challenge U. Softball joining the team in early 2019. 


Coach played softball throughout high school until a season ending injury altered her path. Being out for the season, she took this as an opportunity to truly understand the game from the other side of the foul lines. During her final season of play, she became a player-coach and led her team. This is when she discovered her passion in coaching and instruction.

Throughout her studies at culinary school, Coach pursued her love for coaching and private lessons. She continuously studied the swing to bring to her athletes that she coached throughout NJ. She improved her player's swings and defensive positions helping towards multiple successful seasons.


In 2012, Coach Michelle started coaching the Fair Lawn softball recreation and travel programs. She had been a Fair Lawn coach to over 13 teams, including 6 championship teams and 2 undefeated seasons. Coach's love of the game has never wavered.


Always looking for a new challenge and to increase her knowledge and love for the game, when offered the opportunity to coach at the club level, she could not resist. 


In 2021, ChallengeU created its first ever club team, NJ Challenge. Coach Michelle is proudly the first head Coach of the program.  In its inaugural season NJC proved to be formidable opponents, having an overall successful first season. With determination and grit, the team qualified for Nationals in Nashville, TN.  

​Learning from her own experiences, Coach never lets her athletes give up or back down. Through her time at ChallengeU and working with Coach Lisa, Coach Michelle has developed a new appreciation and understanding of mental strength and training. Not only the significance on the field but also off. This is something that Coach Michelle ties in her lessons with physical training, connecting  the mind and body. Treating and working the brain as a muscle. 

Coach also loves to have fun and can often be found dancing around the facility; But, when you work with Coach Michelle get ready for tough mental training. She brings a no nonsense attitude to her private lessons.


“If I could pick one reason why I Coach or train the way I do, it would be the “lightbulb” or “a-ha” moment. When your athlete takes control of their mental shift and connects the dots between mind and body. That moment of self realization is everything for the athlete and when I am at my proudest as Coach”. 

“Passion is fuel but its nothing without the grind. The grind is never over so never let your fuel run dry” - Coach Michelle

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