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Experience one of our MOST POPULAR C.U. Softball programs that will take your athlete to the NEXT LEVEL:
Tis' The Season for Softball Training Week!
Each softball camp held within our three day softball training week is designed to bring all athletes to peak performance with physical and mental gains along the way.  We are not holding back at this training week, so be READY TO WORK OFF THOSE HOLIDAY TREATS!

  • Tuesday, 12/27/22 - Hitting and Speed & Agility Softball Camp:

This training camp will cover a hitting progression with at least ten drill stations throughout. Our hitting circuit will include training hitting fundamentals, various stance positions, muscle movement mechanics, swing sequencing, timing, tempo, adjustability, consistency, power, and approach at the plate.

Our speed and agility portion of camp will target quickness, speed, explosiveness, strength, correct form, and developing an aggressive mindset.


  • Wednesday, 12/28/22 - All-Skills and Mental Toughness Softball Camp:

This training camp will cover defense including throwing (HLT Certified), catching, fielding, footwork, transfer work, power, and consistency. Our hitting portion will cover hitting fundamentals (not as in depth as day one) including muscle movement mechanics. 

Our mental training portion will cover The C.U.D.I.T. VBS System®: Visualization, Body-Language, Self-Talk. This system will be taught and drilled to each athlete through tasks, interactive role play for confidence, and physical drills training for a growth mindset through the VBS System®


  • Thursday, 12/29/22 - Pitchers and Catchers Softball Camp:

This training camp will be split into two mini-camps with pitchers on one side and catchers on the other. Our pitchers and catchers will be brought together towards the end of camp to have live pitching and catching drill work. This will create a great "game-play" environment for our athletes.

Our pitching camp will cover pitching fundamentals including muscle mechanic movement, explosiveness drills, spin drills, and whip drills to develop a strong, confident, and powerhouse pitcher.

Our catching camp will cover catching fundamentals including setup, framing, blocking, and throw downs to develop a mechanically clean and confident catcher.


Athletes will be grouped and trained according to age and ability. 

By signing up for any CU camp, your athlete is committing to bringing an open mind, having a strong work-ethic, good attitude, and is dedicated to push past their MAX.

Only athletes are permitted indoors during CU clinics to create an environment of accountability and maturity. Parents are welcome to watch from the over head garage area or pickup at the end of the clinic. This also helps keeping our athletes and staff safe during training.

Refund Policy: If a parent cancels at least 10 days prior to camp, they will receive a full refund.  If a parent cancels within 10 days of camp, they forfeit the entire camp fee.

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