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Certified C.U. Pitching Instructor | C.U. Pitching Clinic Coach

Coach Ashley boasts over a decade of experience in the field. She has played on high-caliber teams and received training and instruction from numerous knowledgeable coaches. Her love for the game started at six years old and never strayed.


Coach went to her first pitching clinic at the age of six, and never wanted to put the ball down ever since. After multiple recreational team championships, she took her passion and led her travel softball team to win the first championship for her hometown of Dumont. She continued dominating the mound throughout her high school career as a starting Varsity pitcher.


On the off chance that she wasn’t pitching, you would find Coach starting shortstop and first base, and making her way around the diamond with consistent base hits. She had hopes to continue her softball career in the NCAA, but ultimately succumbed to a knee injury that she had been battling for years. 

Throughout her career, Coach played and trained with instructors and mentors who shaped the phenomenal coach she is today. She attributes her successes in the game to the consistent work she put in week after week in private pitching lessons, and truly understands the importance of practicing consistency. She embodies hard work, resilience, and determination, and strives to help pitchers to not only to light that same fire within, but keep it burning. 


Coach Ashley is known for teaching her athletes to play with her heart, and power through any situation to command the presence of being a true leader on the field. She aims to instill that very confidence and mental fortitude in the pitchers she works with so that they can not only pitch their way out of any tight situation, but also let their own love for the game bring them to new heights on and off the field. 

Coach Ashley is a standout CU Pitching Coach due to her vocal motivation, leadership, determination, knowledge, continual desire to master her craft, passion to help younger athletes mentally and mechanically, kindheartedness, and love for the game. 


She is a positive and dedicated leader that continues to train directly under the C.U. training philosophy. Be ready to receive positivity, elite instruction, and dedication to your improvement when training with Coach Ashley!

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