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Coach Lisa's 2024 Annual Self-Confidence Workshop

Self Confidence CU Workshop.png
Presentation on implementing the VBS System® Visualization, Body-Language, Self-talk for self-confidence. Click here to learn about Coach Lisa's National VBS System.
Discover your word of empowerment and create your own Limitless Slides® as your daily positive self-talk reminder

Topics Include:

  • Self-Awareness: Understanding Strengths, Weaknesses, and Values.

  • Self-Talk: Triple C Method Catch/Cancel/Construct Thoughts

  • Setting Internal and External Goals: Setting and Celebrating

  • Overcoming Fear of Failure: Failure - A Natural Part of Growth -

  • VBS: Set a Vision and Empower

  •  Building resilience: Bouncing Back from Setbacks

  • Place order by 3/8/24 to receive and design your affirmation footwear at the event
  • Two Complimentary blank TIBAHs (inserts) will be provided so attendees can express themselves and design their own Limitless Slides TIBAH
  • Ages 10 - 17 | Workshop will be grouped by age
After purchase of Limitless Slides, be sure to register your athlete below.

If you already own a pair of Limitless Slides, simply register below and bring your pair to the workshop.

Refund Policy: There are no makeup dates or refunds for missed workshops.
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