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The C.U.D.I.T.® VBS System is part based on the work of Dr. Carol Dweck, a social and developmental psychologist at Stanford University, who studies the idea of “not yet”. The 'not yet' is that of a GROWTH MINDSET and the 'this is it' mindset is that of a FIXED MINDSET. Athletes that work with a Licensed C.U.D.I.T.® Concentric Coach are taught to have a growth mindset. Training is a roller coaster with many ups and downs and requires a growth mindset for the work to get done.

Dr. Carol Dweck proposes that students have the potential to change their mindsets. Scientific data shows that every time we push ourselves out of our comfort zone and into a challenging situation, our neurons form new, stronger connections. This process will make the individual uncomfortable which is the first aspect of growth. Once a student strives to work past obstacles towards their positive goal, they can start to understand the power of a growth mindset.

THE GROWTH MINDSET: is one in which we believe that all of our abilities can be developed, that we can learn from any failure, and, most importantly, correct it for the future, This mindset believes that we can reflect on our experiences and that our outcomes refine oneself and do not define oneself. This type of mindset builds confidence and GRIT (see additional blogs). The idea that no matter what happens in this moment, the "I can improve" ideology, builds the passion, perseverance, and endurance to chase a long term goal.

THE FIXED MINDSET: is one in which we believe that we can not improve, that we must always prove our worth, and that the future possibility of growth is non-existent. The pressure of perfection creates an anxiety performance trap within this type of mindset. When spiraling into this trap, athletes will run from errors or mistakes, run from difficulty or challenges and believe that improvement is not possible. This type of mindset can not grow with private lessons.

Private training is full of uphill strides and downhill turns. C.U.D.I.T.® Concentric Coaches learn GROWTH MINDSET training for their athletes in the Licensing Program.

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