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The VBS System was created by Lisa Rizzo, the owner and founder of C.U.D.I.T.®, to help athletes learn key tools to achieve long term success in the face of possible setbacks, losses, failures, performance anxiety, and the multitude of factors that affect athletes today.


Andrea Nyerges LPC:

"Rizzo has combined three of the most powerful mental toughness training techniques in one system: THE C.U.D.I.T.® VBS SYSTEM. As a current therapist and the owner of Mindfully Alive, I could not be more excited to see mental training being instilled in daily routines for athletes. I am the number one advocate of mindfulness with performance and the C.U.D.I.T.® VBS System tackles just that. Mindfulness, or present moment awareness, reduces the mental noise that tends to discuss all that went wrong while creating fear. Mindfulness increases relaxation and feelings of well being which in turn with allow the athlete to perform to her/his max potential.

When the athlete has awareness and the power to be in the NOW, they have captured the moment to perform at their best without negative distractions internally or externally. The power of mindfulness in athletes is key for the highest level of performance in the training tunnel and on the field. This helps the athlete bring the best version of themselves and focus on performing at their personal level of excellence. It is diverting attention on purpose with intention, and moving away from threatening aspects of any situation. C.U.D.I.T.® has created a path to mindfulness for all teams and private instruction. It truly is an absolutely amazing concept.

Mindfulness destabilizes our fight, flight or freeze response. The fight, flight, freeze response is built into our system to prepare us for a threat, however, it works against us when our lives are not in actual danger by activating fear and thus anxiety. This response is visible in animals, yet humans experience the fight, flight, or freeze response internally leading to external behavior. The control of stopping one negative thought that can lead to many other negative thoughts is key for athletes. It is controlled by self-talk, positive visualization, and a powerful body language, which the C.U.D.I.T.® VBS System embodies."- Andrea Nyerges LPC

The VBS system is designed to increase feelings of calmness, confidence, optimal performance, motivation, pressure control, and controlling the mindset prior to any and all upcoming situations. The tools of the C.U.D.I.T.® VBS System are taught to each athlete trained by a Licensed C.U.D.I.T.® Concentric Coach. In order to fully absorb the C.U.D.I.T.® VB

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